For many diseases, diagnosis and management of patients is taken care of by primary care professionals. Remarkably however, for the development of new drugs too often Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) residing in secondary care hospitals are consulted rather than primary care experts. Traditionally also, recruitment of patients for clinical trials has been the main domain for major (academic) hospitals rather than the primary care setting. Sponsor companies would be much better served by involving research-orientated general practitioners (GPs)  in the protocol design of trials anticipated to run in primary care.

In The Netherlands, Julius Clinical has realized an intensive network of primary care professionals that has proven its operational reliability with regard to the conduct of clinical trials.

In the recent past, Julius Clinical has been liaising with primary care professionals and organizations in numerous countries (predominantly in, but not limited to, the EU). However, a next step is needed to substantiate the operational validity and geographical coverage of an envisaged international network. These aspects will be crucial for the development of a solid proposition and reliable operational machinery.

The aim of Julius Clinical is to expand the primary care network, to inventory the regional capabilities, to help strengthen the network in terms of operational potential and commitment, and to elaborate on the acquisition of international research projects.


Julius Clinical is a unique Academic Research Organisation (ARO) backed up by a CRO infrastructure. We combine strong scientific leadership and operational excellence to conduct innovative national and global trials.

We originate from the UMC Utrecht and the Julius Center to further develop scientific research in therapeutic areas such as CVD, nerve system and infectious diseases. We execute our studies in a creative, credible and efficient manner.

Our partners are leading organisations in pharma, biotech, medical devices and nutrition, but also academic researchers. The Dutch government is another important partner. We focus on research which makes a valuable contribution to the medical field and thus ultimately benefits patients.

We therefore do not use a standardized, uniform approach but scientific and operational expertise to deliver results efficiently. Would you like to know more about Julius Clinical and what we do?

Visit our website here for more information.


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